Vulnerabilities Stink. Literally.

Because no one anywhere demanded it – Salty Security is ecstatic to release hacker inscentives™– the first of its kind, scratch ‘n sniff stickers series dedicated exclusively to the hacker lifestyle.

Whether you need to emphatically demonstrate in more than words just how horribly vulnerable that client web application deployment is, or whether you simply want to celebrate that special hacker in your life with a thoughtful gift, let our stickers inscentivize you!

Each sticker pack contains 13 of the absolute rankest, foulest, most nose-pinching scents you can imagine plastered on some of the best-looking, brightest and baddest stickers around; plus there’s a chance to receive 3 extra, rare stickers in each pack as an added inscentive!  That’s a whopping 16 unique scents and stickers in total! 

Every sticker pack includes original artwork designed with hackers and technologists in mind.  Proudly display them on laptops, cases, notebooks, office cubicles, shower curtains, commodes, and anywhere else you want!

hacker inscentives™ offers the only standing ovation for your olfactory system if your olfactory was in absolute poor taste!!

These ain’t your tio’s scratch n’ sniffs.  Check out what’s included below… then buy, and smell ‘n tell!!!

Each Set Includes

This sticker is a no brainer!
Just click to add to cart!

No time to be sheepish! Break out your billfold for this sticker!

Write this, wait a minute!

<tag> this sticker's it!

Keep a lid on it!

No need to get in line, just add this one to the queue!

Finally, the right hand knows what the left hand is doing!

Know what it's like to meet yourself coming and going?

We somehow feel like playing The Fabulous Thunderbirds right now!

You might need a fresh change of underwear on this one!

Refined. Just the way we like it!

It's all fun and games until someone loses a stored procedure!

This sticker is beyond belief! Far out, man!

Display it proudly or gift it to the noobie in your life!
Only available in the "Dirty Dozen" pack!

Don't be "that" person. We've all met "that" person at some point or another. Show your love. Only available in select packs!

6 in 10 chance

A sticker that sums up this
pandemic better than anything...
or not! Only available in select packs!

3 in 10 chance