Yes, we really want you to stick it! Our hacker inscentives™ stickers were designed to be placed and proudly shown wherever you do your best work! Upload a photo to your social media platform(s) of choice, clearly displaying your Salty sticker(s) defiantly placed anywhere you choose – keep it legal kids! – and share the post out.

Tag us on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll be sure to respond when we’re ready. If you’re feeling especially bold and lucky, you can even send your photos to us at If you do, please be aware we may keep them or share them as we see fit.

Each month, or whenever the hell we feel like it, we’ll select random winners from the best submissions, mentions, tags, what have you, and send those folks a package full of cool Salty Swag!!

Rules: C’mon, we’re a website that sells stickers! The rules are simple:

  • The photo/tag has to use stickers you purchased or were given to be eligible.
  • You abide by whatever moral compass you have: broken, manic or fixed on true south – your choice – when you submit or attach our stickers to anything animal, vegetable, mineral. It’s all on you, not us.
  • Don’t break the law or be (overly) stupid!
  • Don’t hurt yourself, animals or others in the process! Remember, Darwinism ain’t a prize. It’s 19ᵗʰ century, old dead white dude karma!
  • If you or any member of your STF (stick it task force) is caught or killed, the secretary in our dating pool will disavow all knowledge!!!

Odds of winning: Varies. Nude photos, or photos showing our stickers affixed to any naughty bits – again animal, vegetable or mineral – do not increase your odds/chances of winning, Katniss KeepitEverclean. But our employees will be damn happy to post them up in our breakroom right next to the minimum wage sign and required State and Federal health mandates, especially on Ramen day!

Photos taken with Eliza Dushku – the real one, not a cardboard cut-out jackass! – absolutely do increase your odds of winning. No dummy, not really, unless you know her and get her permission first. Zero/The Chairman:“I’m a huge fan, John!” Don’t bug celebrities with this horsepucky! They’ve got better ways to get attention and stay relevant during Covid!

Winners: Winners will be notified by email – yes it’s required – so we can arrange shipment of your swag. All winners and the contents of the Salty Swag pack are the sole decision of Complaints go to Helen Waite

Privacy: We can’t be security-named or themed if we don’t take privacy seriously. So rest assured, we will sell your information every chance we get! No, we won’t. Don’t be dumb. This is a contest. Your information will be used only to contact you in the event you’ve won, or to send you updates on new stickers, etc. from You can opt-out as you like.

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